About Us

CoiNel Technology Solutions LLP is an innovation company specializing in embedded system technology integration. Since its incubation in 2008, CoiNel has evolved as a company with perfect combination of experience and skilled technical professionals in Hardware and software design for embedded systems. Combining its creativity, experience and technical skills, CoiNel has a comprehensive system capabilities and a proven reputation of designing, developing and integrating solutions for various business verticals from data process/acquisition, consumer electronics, medical, transportation, automotive and education.

The intension is to provide cost effective, production ready, high performance semiconductor solutions for various product design companies and also create products that are user friendly, high on performance and safe to use. We started providing services for hardware and software development for embedded solutions in 2009 and since then have served various companies and have designed customized hardware and firmware solutions for their development requirements. Combining our creativity, experience and technical skills, we have a comprehensive system capabilities and a proven reputation of designing, developing and delivering state of the art embedded design and development solutions for its customers ranging from education, testing and measurement instruments, medical and automotives. CoiNel is specifically an innovation company specializing in embedded systems technology integration. Our intellectual potential is targeted at electronic devices development.

The design kits developed by us are used in many different settings by students and embedded design engineers to learn new skills and update their existing electronic systems.

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The engineers from CoiNel have the reputation of building strong relationships with customers engineering teams. People from CoiNel become members of our customers project teams and spend days and sometimes months together until the customer challenges are clearly understood and systems are designed according to specifications.

We, at CoiNel believe in giving our teams a broad prospective in various designs and technical issues involved. This helps our engineers bring new ideas and view points to the project design and development. This cross teaming often produces innovative solutions that help transcend embedded design projects.

Fostering passion and problem-solving is an integral part of the corporate culture of CoiNel. CoiNel Engineers are supported by senior management whose members often come from engineering background which helps our teams create innovative engineering and uncover new solutions.

Bringing Ideas to life

The ultimate excellence is about translating the technical knowledge of its engineers into practical solutions as per our customer’s requirements. We, at CoiNel believe that every idea and requirement of a customer is important and we continuously strive to make sure that all ideas are turned into reality. CoiNel believes in living customers ideas.

Solution Accelerators to maximize returns on technology investments

Our solution accelerators reduce entry barriers, shrink development time and mitigate adoption risks, thereby minimizing the total cost of ownership. Each accelerator maximizes scope of reusability and predictability, ensuring shorter development cycles and faster speed to market for our clients.


Our solutions were successfully deployed in Automation and test equipment, security systems, medical, Automotive and power equipments. Our experience enables us to apply our proprietary technologies in various industries.

Our Market and Clients

CoiNel is a single stop solution provider for electronic hardware and firmware designs. CoiNel is unique in its ability to provide design solutions through its innovative approach all to enhance customer competitiveness and success. Working across several business units, CoiNel has been able to unleash the full potential of the many valuable brands and new ventures.

CoiNel solutions include hardware design, board design (prototype and manufacturing), embedded software development, systems integration and customized solutions.

Focus Areas

  • Data Process/Acquisition.
  • Testing Equipments.
  • Medical.
  • Consumer Electronics.
  • Transportation.
  • Automotive and Infotainment.
  • Semiconductor Support Services.

Our Solutions

What CoiNel creates is value. By increasing speed to market and driving competitive positioning for customers, CoiNel in essence solves customers most challenging design problems better, faster and more cost effectively than any other company.

CoiNel delivers innovative solutions, combined with systems integration, analytics and managed services to help our clients address modern innovation and technology of electronic devices. We offer clients a broad range of design skills, deep software expertise and in-depth understanding of embedded design process. Our solution portfolio is highly tailored to help our clients reach their maximum potential for their product or service.

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Our People

People make the difference. People with passion have an even greater impact. Each member of CoiNel is dedicated to enabling customer success. That is achieved through intense collaboration, passionate customer focus, thoughtful and disciplined execution, a tenacious commitment to continuous improvement and a relentless drive to achieve the best.

Our Culture

Culture is the most important sustainable, competitive advantage of any company. CoiNel culture is built on commitment to customers, employees, the communities in which it operates and the environment. The CoiNel team provides assistance in the areas of health and wellness initiatives and educational opportunities. Culture drives every aspect of the Company’s success. The culture and business model work hand-in-hand to ensure simplicity, flexibility and above all sustainability.

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