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After the project for a new electronic product has been finalized, a complex job involving many different tasks begins in order to achieve the final product. Our Research & Development department is engaged continuously in development of new products and improvement in the existing ones. In order to be competitive, the R&D team continuously works for technological development of product range .

We offer one-stop solutions for integrated multidisciplinary projects in the fields of Hardware(Analog and digital), Embedded Systems, Software and Mechanical engineering. Our team utilizes the latest technologies to provide innovative and productive solutions for our customers.

We have done projects for a variety of industries including Consumer, Medical, Industrial Automation and Security and Defense.

We are experienced in handling a complete project, from concept through the design and prototype to the final product delivery and serial production.

We function as an outsourcing R&D team that provides cost and time effective solutions for development projects.


A good reason to have a prototype made is to demonstrate that your idea/product concept is viable and can actually work. In recent years, we have been talking with many inventors and companies that have ideas that simply can not be built. Often their ideas defy the laws of physics, or would be extremely expensive to make.  Most non-technical people do not understand that it take millions of dollars and the resources of a major corporation to design a device!  In an initial consultation, We can help you determine what is practical and cost-effective.

When we work with the client, we endeavor to build the prototype that we would want if we were the inventor or designer.  We place a very high value on integrity, honesty and clear communication.  Our working approach is holistic – the more we know about you and your project, the more we can contribute to a successful design.  As we work on a project we provide detailed progress reports via email, including clear images of the prototype during construction.

We are very concerned with the user interface, look and feel of electronic prototypes that we build.  We work to ensure that the functions are simple and intuitive with buttons and displays ergonomically placed for easy access.

After we learn about your design, we may be able to offer improvements or changes that you may not have thought would enhance the value of your design.

Your product idea shall be protected and we can also have a non disclosure agreement signed before you discuss anything about your idea. If you already have a patent filed or granted there’s no need for the NDA. We understand and respect your need for confidentiality. All designs, drawings, communications and information are kept in strict confidence.

Prototype Concept Development Process

  • Discussion of Idea
  • Design as per your requirement.
  • Manufacture a working prototype.
  • Create Documentation.
  • Reverse Engineering.

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