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  • USB to JTAG
  • On Board USB to UART Converter
  • No external Power Supply Required for JTAG
  • Tested on major NXP based MCUs




CoiNel ARM-USB-JTAG is Compact USB JTAG in-circuit debugger and programmer designed for ARM cores.

It is based on FT2232 (Dual USB UART converter). The FT2232 has two devices integrated on it:

Channel A: USB to JTAG interface.
Channel B: USB to SERIAL UART (TTL Logic Out)

JTAG Interface.

A standard 20 pin JTAG interface connector option is provided which can be used to connect the target board to debug/programming. The CoiNel ARM USB JTAG can be used to access the on-chip debug module integrated in the ARM Chip. The programmer can debug the firmware in real time using the module.

The PinOut of JTAG Interface is shown in the below image


USB to Serial Interface.

The board also has an option for USB to Serial Converter(TTL Logic).

The pinout details of Serial PinOut is as below


You would need the driver to be installed for FT2232 to use the USB to Serial module.

Note: The power source for USB to RS232 is via Target supply.

For Linux, the driver is a part of the kernel.

For Windows, the driver needs to be installed after which this module can be used as a virtual COM port.


  • No power supply required, powered through USB.
  • ARM’S standard 2×10 pin JTAG connector.
  • 20-pin ribbon cable included.
  • Fast speed USB 2.0 JTAG interface,
  • Can be used with all ARM for device programming and debugging (Check Compatibility details below).
  • Led for Power supply and Target detect.
  • Adds a virtual RS232 serial port to your computer or laptop
  • Tested with Keil RealView MDK03 and Rowley CrossWorks 2.0.
  • Can be used to debug and program all ARM processors supported by OpenOCD.
  • PCB Specifications:
    • Dimensions 45×34 mm.
    • PCB: FR-4, 1.6 mm, Blue solder mask, white silkscreen component print.

CoiNel ARM-USB-JTAG support available in:

  1. CooCox CoIDE
  2. Keil RealView MDK03 or higher (Need CooCox Colink Plugin) tested with Cortex-M3 boards.
  3. Rowley CrossWorks tested with ARM7 and CORTEX-M3 boards.
  4. GCC 4.4.3 /OpenOCD 0.3.1

CoiNel ARM USB JTAG compatibility with tools and associated controllers is given below

Keil RealView MDK 4.03 and above : Supports Cortex M3 series (CooCox plugin has to be used)

Rowley CrossWorks: Supports ARM7, Cortex M3 series

GCC 4.4.3/OCD 0.3.1: Supports ARM7

Supported devices

JTAG Debugging:

NXP: LPC1751, LPC1752, LPC1754, LPC1756, LPC1758, LPC1759, LPC1763, LPC1764, LPC1765, LPC1766, LPC1767, LPC1768, LPC1769, LPC177x, LPC178x

We have tested the board for NXP based Cortex M3 controllers.The board also works for various controllers from ATMEL, ST, TI and Toshiba

The details are available here.

More detailed tutorial on how to use CoiNel ARM USB JTAG is available in videos, article and download sections.




Description of CoiNel ARM USB JTAG



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